Improve motivation, performance & sales results with Box Office personnel training


Box Office staff are most often those creating the first impression to patrons.

More than just selling tickets, Box Office personnel need to be flexible and responsive to a whole range of tasks that fall within their remit.

Wentworth Theatre & Arts Box Office training modules incorporate a range of carefully crafted sessions that recognise the needs of this dynamic working environment, including:

  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Dealing With Difficult Situations
  • Selling Skills
  • Dealing with Difficult People, Aggression & Violence at Work

Professional Communication Skills

Developing key skills that help to communicate effectively & professionally with patrons. This will include face to face, telephone and email communication techniques, protocols and etiquette to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, including:

Creating a Positive First Impression | Body Language | Verbal & Written Tone | Telephone Etiquette & Protocol | Anticipating Customer Needs | Empathy & Understanding

Creating a good first impression at the Box Office

Dealing With Difficult Situations

An interactive workshop that deals with a broad range of 'everyday' issues faced by Box Office staff.

Between booking their ticket to enjoying the performance or exhibition, patrons may experience a range of issues for which they look to the Box Office to resolve. This session will equip staff to problem solve whilst maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and a courteous demeanour.

The workshop looks at common problems faced by Box Office staff, such as:

Dealing Efficiently With Latecomers | Resolving Double Bookings | Lost Tickets | Restricted View Seats | Vertigo Sufferers | Aggressive Ticket Touts

Selling Skills

This programme looks to develop the selling / up-selling skills of Box Office staff as a key component of delivering excellent customer service.

Participants will learn how to increase ticket, and secondary sales, by adjusting their sales style to the patron, pro-actively meeting their needs and helping them to make the right choices.

The programme will also look at developing tools & techniques to keep staff motivated to deliver excellent customer service, even when faced with the most challenging members of the public.

"Had a great day. Went too quickly and Nick is probably the best trainer I've had. (Funny, clear speech, makes us participate and made sure we didn't fall asleep!"

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