Conflict & interpersonal skills training to keep your people safe when dealing with aggressive or difficult people


At Wentworth Theatre Training we take the safety of operational theatre staff very seriously, both from within an organisation and from a customer facing perspective.

Frustrated latecomers, high spirits, hen nights and threats from those with criminal intent, can all place individuals working in the Theatre & Arts industry at potential risk.

Providing a safe and respectful environment for operational staff is a key responsibility of theatre/venue owners and managers/supervisory personnel.

Empowering individuals to know how and when to 'withdraw' from a confrontation will give them confidence and help diffuse situations in a professional, friendly manner.


The Employment Rights Act 1996 defines the circumstances in which employees are expected to withdraw from confrontation:

"... circumstances of danger which the employee reasonably believed to be serious and imminent and which they could not reasonably have been expected to avert."


Our Conflict Resolution and Interpersonal Skills Training modules are ideally suited to provide Front of House staff with both the confidence and skills to deal with members of the public where conflict situations may arise.

Improved Interpersonal skills nurture a positive working environment where all colleagues treat each other respectfully and professionally, creating improved 'team dynamics'.

Good team dynamics are often an essential element to obtaining positive outcomes in conflict situations.


By equipping Theatre Managers, Supervisors and Technical HOD's with relevant Interpersonal and Conflict Resolution Skills Training they will be able to manage personnel more effectively, resolve bullying or staff disputes, and handle difficult customer issues in a professional and amicable manner.

Within our Interpersonal Skills Training module for management, we incorporate 'Business Writing Skills for Theatre Professionals' which helps:

  • To write with clarity & communicate more effectively
  • Professionally prepare emails, letters and reports suited to a variety of recipients, including: Producers, Staff and Customers